サンデーうぇぶり for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac [Download for Free]

Do you want to run the サンデーうぇぶり for PC or Mac? In that case, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to download and install the サンデーうぇぶり on your Windows 11/10/8/7 PC or Mac.

The method in this guide will be compatible even with the recent version of Windows. You can also run it even if you are using a 32 or 64 bit OS. Now, to start downloading the サンデーうぇぶり on your PC, make sure that you read and follow the guide here to install the said app successfully.

Download サンデーうぇぶり for PC (Windows and Mac) Guide

To download the サンデーうぇぶり on PC, you’ll have to use an android emulator. For this tutorial, we are going to use either BlueStacks or MEmu. Both of these emulators are powerful and capable of running the サンデーうぇぶり on your Windows or Mac.

Method 1: Install サンデーうぇぶり on PC Using BlueStacks Emulator

The best emulator as of now is the BlueStacks. This emulator can perfectly run the サンデーうぇぶり on your laptop or PC. In order to install this emulator, follow the steps below:

  • Download the most recent version of BlueStacks from its official website.
  • Once you have the BlueStacks emulator, you can now start installing it. Simply double-click the setup file to start it.
  • Now, follow the installation wizard and wait for a while to finish the installation.
  • There will be a new shortcut icon on your desktop, this one is the BlueStacks, hover your mouse and double click on it.
  • Find the Google Play Store app from the home and log in to your account.
  • Now, search for the サンデーうぇぶり and click the download button.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Finally, you have completed the installation of this app on your laptop or computer.

Method 2: Install サンデーうぇぶり for PC Using MEmu Emulator

If you want to try an alternative emulator, then we highly recommend the MEmu Player. You can use it      to install the サンデーうぇぶり on your PC, simply follow the procedure below:

  • Get the MEMu from their official website.
  • Download the installer and then save it to your desktop.
  • Run the installer and install it on your computer.
  • Once you completed the installation, open the MEmu Player emulator.
  • Open the Google Play Store and log in to your account on it.
  • Search for the サンデーうぇぶり and start the download.
  • After the installation, go to the homepage of the MEmu emulator.
  • Find the サンデーうぇぶり and start using it.
  • Congratulations, you can now use サンデーうぇぶり on your PC.


App Name サンデーうぇぶり
App Rating
Update December 3, 2021
Version 4.10.1
Requirement 5.0 and up


サンデーうぇぶり for pc screenshots 1 サンデーうぇぶり for pc screenshots 2 サンデーうぇぶり for pc screenshots 3


FAQs of サンデーうぇぶり, Guide, and Its Features


– サンデーうぇぶりの特徴 –




・史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ

・史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ
・GS美神 極楽大作戦!!
・ますらお 秘本義経記
・ヘブンズランナー アキラ

・#世界 #映え殺し #ツアーズ
・漫画家の税金 確定申告やってみた
Sunday Uburi is a manga app that can be enjoyed from Sunday’s national masterpieces to original ones that can only be read here!

-Features of Sunday Uburi-

■ Basic free! You can read various works for free every day! ■
On Sunday Uburi, you can read comics using three types of items: tickets / coins / points.
One ticket can read one episode, and each work recovers once every 23 hours.
In other words, you can read one episode of the entire work every day with a ticket!
Of course, you can use coins and points to read a single work.

■ You can also buy a book ■
Sunday, Gessan, Sunday GX, Sunday S The most popular serialized works in this magazine and comics of old works that are out of print are available for purchase.
Comics are recommended for works that you want to read over and over again!

■ Convenient magazine subscriptions ■
Delivery at 0 o’clock on the day of the safe release date!
A convenient subscription is recommended to subscribe to Weekly Shonen Sunday, Gessan, and Sunday GX!
In addition, if you subscribe, you will get a lot of points on the 3rd of every month!

◆ ◇ Updated daily! Free-to-read legend comics ◇ ◆
You can read the super famous works that everyone knows for free, one episode every day!
·Detective Conan
・ Absolutely cute children
・ The strongest disciple in history, Kenichi

◆ ◇ Popular cartoon of Sunday ◇ ◆
Read past popular works serialized on Sunday!
·Detective Conan
・ The strongest disciple in history, Kenichi
・ Absolutely cute children
-Karakuri Circus
・ From today I am! !
・ Just meat
・ GS god God paradise strategy! !
・ Sister log
・ “LOVe”
・ Strong! Metropolitan Aoisaka High School Baseball Club
・ Radio teacher
·Freshly baked! ! Japan
・ Wildlife
・ Blue sky
・ War and ◆ Sky ◆
・ Fist
・ The last one? straight! !
・ The circumstances of Izumo Kunizaki
・ The best medic -The King of Neat-
・ A woman! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
・ Nagisa Me official recognition
・ First Love Zombie
・ Tokiwa coming! !
・ Asagiro
・ Uchachare Gosho tile
・ Aoihonoo
・ Tokyo Bancho
・ The best life doctor
・ Good night at Demon Castle
・ Nobunaga Concerto
・ Alice in the present country
・ Mr. M
・ Maslao
・ IS
・ Heavy
・ Look up
・ God Dolls
・ Sunday Institute for Non-Science
・ After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. @Comic
・ There is nothing but the sky is blue
・ Heavens Runner Akira
・ How to make the right child!
・ Faito no Uta
・ Sheriff Evans lies
・ Nozo x Kimi
・ Poverty sister story
・ Tyrant Tyrant
And many more!

◆ ◇ Original comics that can only be read with Sunday Ube
・ Sasami is anxious about poisoning
・ Shingamibo and black maid
・ Soil is sterilized
・ One Hitabana
・ Hana
・ Daddy is a comic artist
・ Kyoko unnie
・ Taro Manager, please Hanko
・ Kyogyo Koala
・ Bakejo! -Welcome to Yo-Kai Gakuen-
・ Man and wife
・ Inazuma Eleven ~ Successor to Penguin ~
・ Sweets boys
・ The Holy Sword
・ University without manga department
・ Desperate Utopia of Dr. Bocchi and Robot Girl
・ Tengoku Ragnarok
・ How to make a friend of justice
· Curiosity kills high school girls
・ Submission city
・ Idol everyday life of Tochinoki
・ Muscle girlfriend
・ Yomogi-chan
・ First Love Defense Force
・ Friend of Kyuzo Zenzo
-Men’s dignity
・ #World #killing #tours
・ Mougli of the tragedy tower
・ I tried to make a tax return for the comic artist
・ Death Road
・ 2LJK
・ Beautiful Ugly Cat
・ With childhood friend and god
・ Tokyo Orbit Elevator Girl
・ Gawacos! !
・ Oyankee
Original works will appear at any time!





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