100 Crypts – an addictive room escape game app

100 Crypts as emerged as one of the most alluring and challenging puzzle android games app. Each stage comes with a higher difficulty level which keeps the excitement going on. It was developed by the 100 Gates.

This app has had a recommendable increase in the number of downloads since the time of its launch.

100 Crypts

In this game, each stage comes with a mysterious gate. A player is required to unlock each door with the clues given within that stage. There are different and unexpected ways to unlock each door at all levels.

It’s amazing graphical and visual & sound effects make the game more attractive. Some stages are required to be unlocked by the device sensors which mean that by just tilting or shaking your device in order to drop an item which helps to unlock the door.

A lot of suspense is created as the stages are resolved and every level opens up with new exciting enigmas which keeps the players intact and bound to the game. The way of Presentation of this game makes it a clear winner all over its competitors

In some stages, the door is unlocked with numeric puzzles too whereas in some the player needs to tap, swipe or push on the clue. 100 Crypts is very simple to play and uncomplicated to solve.

There are no specified instructions or guidelines that are to be followed while playing. Therefore,  a very interesting game for any age group. This app is supportive and can be enjoyed in any device.

This is a best game for those who likes twisting their mind to solve different mini puzzles to clear the stages.. Each stage becomes harder and harder to clear as you advance. So this is pretty nice game and really entertaining which can be played for hours without getting bore.

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