How to activate WhatsApp free calling feature

Recently, there has been news about WhatsApp bringing calling feature though there is no official announcement by the developers regarding it. The developer seems to be experimenting yet as the WhatsApp calling feature is rolled out to fewer no. of users, not all.

If you aren’t among those lucky people to have this feature activated, there is a chance for you to get it through by following instructions given in this article below.

The latest WhatsApp version is required in order to bring in calling feature which can easily be taken through Google Play.

The app has crossed 700 million users few months back and more no. of people are installing this app daily. The reason behind having such a huge no. of users of this app is its simplicity and ease to operate.

People can send/receive unlimited text messages and Audio/videos with just one click. Since the app requires an Internet, it is recommended that the users get unlimited data plan activated on their phone or connect with unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

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Although there is lots of alternatives of WhatsApp that apart from calling facility facilitate people to  send/receive unlimited text messages and audio/videos and do much more but the users seem to be loyal and wanted WhatsApp to bring calling feature as soon as possible.

The long waiting time looks to be getting over soon however if you can’t wait till the developer officially make it available for everyone, follow below trick.

Since the feature is not available for everyone, you must have to ask someone having this feature activated on its WhatsApp to call you as the calling feature can be activated by invites only as of now.

So before you plan to receive calling feature, have someone ready to invite you by a WhatsApp Call. You need to find someone well known to you, it can be your friend, relative or colleague as it has been noticed that many people cheat on account of sending WhatsApp calling feature invites.

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So the very first step to update WhatsApp to the latest version. The latest version has some tweak done that facilitates calling facility. It can easily by done through Google play.

Once updated to the latest version, arrange for a call from someone who has this feature activated. This is an important step as without an invite, you will not be able to have calling feature.

The last thing you need do is to restart the phone. In someone cases phone restart is not required hence you may check for a calling sign right after the contact name and three separate tabs as shown in below figure

WhatsApp call

So, although the feature is not activated to all the users, these sign indicate that the WhatsApp calling feature soon be available for all the android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and other platforms. Once this feature become available, WhatsApp may see even larger no. of people installing this app in quick succession.

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