Get Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC

Get Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC

If you are a fan of and like the games, they release time to time, I am sure you would like Bubble Witch 2 Saga as well.

After the great success with Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Bubble Witch Saga, here we have another interesting game app which can keep you entertained for hours.

Although this game is available for Android devices but it can also get downloaded on the PC. I will be sharing a method to get Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC later in this article.

What is Bubble Witch 2 Saga all about?

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is about a girl called Stella and her Cat who need help to save their lands from dark spirits.

It is an exciting game where you have to burst the balloons to free white ghosts, creatures as you move on to different levels.

As you move up on the levels, each level starts to become hard and you need to make strategies to get them cleared before you run out of bubbles.

Each level is challenging and you need to plan things to get as many points as you can and to free ghosts and creatures trapped between the bubbles.

To burst bubbles and free ghosts /creatures, you need to match at least 3 bubbles of the same color. You also have a chance to shoot up the score by making bubbles fall over the spiders who are scattered at different places. More the bubbles fall on spiders, more will be the score you earn.

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Bubble-Witch-2 Saga

There is a total of 5 lives that can be used at one go. Once a total of 5 lives are consumed, you need to either use the gold bar to get more lives or buy them.

If you do not have the Gold bar and aren’t interested in paying to buy lives, you will have to wait for sometime before you get another 5 lives.

At some levels, you are given small no. of bubbles to get the ghosts and creatures free instead of unlimited bubbles however at some other levels you have a different twist where you can tap to switch between different color bubbles.

So, although Bubble Witch 2 Saga falls under the casual game category, you need to use the mind to get the levels cleared.

If we talk about the graphics, Bubble Witch 2 Saga, has fantastic colorful graphics that keeps your interest and make you play even longer than usual.

The sound effects, special boosters to help with clearing levels, leaderboard to watch friends, and competitors score are few attractions of this great app. Currently, Bubble Witch 2 Saga has 60 levels and more levels are being added every 2 weeks.

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Some of the highlighting features of Bubble Witch 2 Saga are:

  • Excellent graphics, sound effects
  • 60 challenging levels, more are added every 2 weeks
  • Special booster to help clearing levels
  • Leaderboard to watch friends/competitors score
  • Share score on Facebook
  • Buy bubbles if ran out of them. Buy lives as well if don’t want to wait

Get Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC

Below is the method to get Bubble Witch 2 Saga for PC in a few simple steps:

As we know to make an android app work on PC, we need to get an emulator. Bluestacks is a well-known android emulator which is quite easy to install and easy to use.

Step 1: Go to Google and search for “BlueStacks”. Download it for Windows

Step 2: Install Bluestacks.

Step 3: Once Bluestacks is installed, go to the search box and write “Bubble Witch 2 Saga”

Step 4: In the search results, you will the app appears. Click to download it and install it.


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