Get Flappy bird for PC in a very simple steps

Flappy bird is a simple game app which was created by Vietnam based developer last year and become viral recently. The game was developed for iOS and Android users initially with a promise to be available for other OS as well (its not available for other OS yet).

The Vietnamese developer named Dong Nguyen who runs game developing studio called .GEARS Studios had never imagined that the game will become so popular in such a short time.

The game was released in May 2013 and initially it was not recognised much but the things changed and the game become viral with millions of downloads on both the popular app stores, iTune as well as Google Play.

Flappy Bird for PC

The game is said to be generating 50,000 USD per day with advertisement which is simply unbelievable. The game is pretty simple built on 8-bit setup.

When I say simple, it doesn’t mean it is easy to play, mind you its not !. Simple I mean to say the developer didn’t spend much time to create this game and the graphics aren’t upto the mark still the game has acquired the top position on both the major app stores.

The game looks easy but it’s not that easy, we need to tap the screen to keep the bird flying off the ground while it passes through various obstacles.

There are various tunnels that bird has to cross without touching the ground. For each tunnel passed, the player gets 1 point. Mind you it looks easy to cross one tunnel without letting the bird touch ground but its not.

The player has to try several times just to cross one tunnel. The game is pretty much addictive and the no. of downloads has been growing with a fast peace.

Since the game is available for Android and iOS users only, it can be a disappointment if you are using smartphone runs on any other platform.

Don’t be upset, I will guide you to get Flappy Bird for PC. It is pretty simple to download and install this app on PC, you need not to have any technical knowledge. So here we go !

Step 1: The very first step to run any android app on PC, we need an android emulator. One can Google to find suitable one out of hundreds of them but the one I recommend is Bluestacks. Go to and get it for PC (Windows or MAC).

Step 2: Install Bluestacks

Step 3: Once the Bluestacks is installed, go to my app and in the search bar write “Flappy Bird”

Step 4: You will see, the app comes up in the result.

Step 5: Click on it and it will install the Flappy Bird on your PC.

Bravo you have installed Flappy Bird for PC. Enjoy the game !

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