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Draw something is a very famous Social drawing android app. This is a very unique approach of entertainment and I’m sure you will not get bored of this applications for hours.

This concept is based on a Pictionary in which you can choose your opponent from your friends list in facebook or twitter to play with. If you do not wish to connect with any of these networking sites, the app helps u find a player randomly.

Darwsomething appThis android app is based on turns whereby you have to draw a word that is suggested to you by the app. Three words are suggested categorized into Easy, Medium and Hard. You can choose any one of the three words and send it to the other players to guess the word. Once your opponent is done with his chance then he or she sends you a word to guess.

For guessing the word unlimited tries are given. The person who has drawn a word gets the exciting chance to view how the other player takes a guess on the word. In order to draw the player is given options for colours, an option which signifies a pencil and another which signifies an eraser.

In each word the guesser is given a few bombs which when used eliminates those alphabets which do not appear in the actual word which makes it easier to guess the word. In case the player is unable to guess the word he or she can even let go the chance. Reward coins are gained on guessing each word correctly and for bigger rewards the player needs to complete the badges.

In case you do not have this entertaining app installed on your smartphone, get it now.

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