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EmojiNation android game app

Yet another interesting android game app for your smartphone which keeps you entertained for hours is EmojiNation. This great app managed to get thousands of download at Google play and increasing day by day. This is pretty cool game for puzzle lovers who like tweaking their mind.

Have you ever tried to represent or guess anything in terms of smileys? This is the right destination for what you’re looking for. EmojiNation is a very interactive application where people can guess a word with smileys given. It is a blend of two words: Emotions + Imagination.

It is basically an emotion puzzle. Once you’re done with the initial levels, you’ll realize how entertaining and fun it is to solve such puzzles, or we can say “Emozzles”.EmojiNation was developed by CloudTeam in the year 2013. Its genre is brain and puzzle.

Emojination android game app

Can users develop their own EmojiNation?

Yes, anyone can develop new and creative EmojiNation and submit entries to the application with the puzzle and solution of it. The best ones will feature in the game and included in the new version and winners will be mentioned as application authors for the same.

There are more than 300 levels in this game with more additions to it every day. Some levels are damn easy whereas some levels are hell difficult which makes players get stuck for days. This game highly becomes an addiction when started.

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What if I’m stuck in a level and can’t get through?

No need to worry. Once you’re done head scratching and thinking endlessly and yet don’t get an optimum solution, you can use the limited hints provided in the game or can ask a friend. Once your number of hints are over, you have to purchase more hints for a vertain amount to move to other levels.

One cannot get bored of this cool having fantastic colorful interface which keeps you engage and motivate you to play it for long hours. So for those who don’t have this application install to their android smartphone, they can follow below link to get it downloaded. The app is completely free to download.

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