Get Instagram android app free and share photos, videos

If you much into sharing photos, videos online with your friends through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram is one of the best choice. Although there are plenty of options available for the users but the first app that comes in mind is Instagram. Take photographs or record video, apply digital effects and share it instantly.

Like other social networking sites, Instagram is also a platform where people are connected to each other from any part of the world. The main difference is Instagram’s main purpose is instant video-sharing and photo-sharing and applying digital filters then and there itself which is highly being appreciated worldwide.



Instagram app

It confines and fits photos in a square shape instead of using 16:9 aspect ratios that is now typically being used by mobile camera devices. Instagram was launched in October 2010. Initially, it was supported by apple devices only.

But with increasing popularity which had over 100 million active users as of April 2012, Instagram became available on Google play stores as well and by now they have managed to get over 150 millions installs all over the world.

Its license is freeware, that is, completely free to download on any platform. There are no hidden costs or incomplete free version. The entire application is free to download.

The weekend hashtag project is very trendy now. It is a series featuring themes and hastags chosen by instagram’s community team. Every Friday, followers receive the weekend’s project. These projects encourage and promote creativity in photographs based on themes every week.

This keeps users active throughout the week and hence creates more followers for the same. Best pictures are featured on the instagram community team page to promote creativity. Due to this, millions of users actively participate in this project.

People can connect their Instagram accounts to their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr accounts to upload their photographs and videos instantly instead of saving them in a separate location and then uploading them by logging in their social networking sites repeatedly.

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