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Whether you are traveling to long distance or waiting for someone, If you own a smartphone you can never get bored. You can do lots of things that you can do with your smartphone to keep you entertained apart from make/receive calls, send/receive SMS and surf internet. What people generally do and I also prefer to do during spare time is play games.

Let it be puzzle, action, shooting, sport or racing game, there is wide range of android game apps available for free to download at Google play.

In case you are addicted to arcade and action game, Jetpack Joyride is the game which you must try out. Its a pretty cool android game app which will keep you entertained throughout the journey hour.

This android game app has won Best Action/Arcade game and Best Overall Game of the year 2012 along with best mobile game app for the year 2011.

Jetpack Joyride android game app

From the makers of the famous Fruit Ninja, comes the next exciting and most awaited game, Jetpack Joyride, developed by HalfBrick Studios. It is an endless runner game but in a horizontal manner, that is side scrolling endless runner. It is a single player game for iOS, PlayStation, Android etc. the protagonist, Barry steals a Jetpack from a top secret laboratory. Reviews given to this game are pretty fair.

The game commences with Barry running forwards at a slow pace initially and later on with increasing speed. This game uses a one-touch system to control the jetpack which Barry had stolen. When the user places a finger anywhere on the touch screen, the jetpack activates/fires and Barry rises up in the sky.

Once the player removes the finger, the jetpack deactivates and Barry falls down from where he rose. The speed cannot be controlled by the player except the movement in vertical axis. During the run, the player has to collect as many coins as possible without hitting the obstacles like zappers, missiles and laser beams.

Golden spin tokens can at times appear and the player can collect them optionally so as to use them in slot machines which randomly generate rewards in the form of coins, extra life, head-start and explosives that push the player’s body to a certain distance after he is hit by obstacles and dies. This gives him extra distance to cover and more points. On the run, the player encounters many Non-playable characters for distraction.

The game currently doesn’t supports devices with 1000 Mhz, so if you own any of following device, you may not be able to enjoy it:

List of devices that Jetpack Joyride game app doesn’t support to

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung Dart

Samsung Replenish

Huawei M865

HTC Explorer

HTC Wildfire S

HTC mytouch 3G slide

LG Ally

LG Optimus One

ZTE X500


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