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Do you like driving your car with high speed in the night? do you want to feel the same experience as driving your car with high speed in the night? here you go, Speed Night 2 is the app which makes you feel same way. This great android app has received several thousand downloads by now due to the adventurous driving feeling it gives to the player and nice graphic which keeps you engaged for hours.

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Speed Night 2 is the successor of Speed Night, an ultimate midnight android racing game app. This game creates the 3D effect based on the technology used and the programmed graphics. It gives the user an impeccable experience of realistic physics engine along with racing midnight in the streets that are narrow with simple streetlights.

On the road, there exist a couple of Non-playable Characters to create hurdles for the player. This is a single player game. Although Speed Night 2 isn’t much playable and popular, one cannot ignore the fact that its interface is quite easy to understand and play.

There are no complications and hence can be played easily without help. Initially, the player can optionally paint his/her car with the colors available at that point. Once the race has started, the road is filled with coins which have to be collected by the player to unlock props. The default time given is 60 seconds.

Once the time is up and the player is behind the lap line, the game is over. But if the player crosses the lap line within 60 seconds, extra time is allotted to reach the next lap and so on. Turning extreme left or extreme right also can end the game.

Basic Controls:

  • To control the steering, the player has to tap on left and right of the screen.
  • Lower left and right controls are for brake.

Course of the game provides 4 major elements:  Magnet, Missile-to blow up the NPC ahead, Time and Acceleration. This is certainly a great app which keeps your interest on for longer time than any other android game.

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