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Needless to say that Temple run is one of the best android game app which has been downloaded several million times throughout the world. This amazing game app became famous since the day it was released. There will be very less no. of people who own a smartphone and don’t have temple run installed to it.

The adventure of cliff, zip lines, mines and forest makes Temple run 2 one of the most played android game app. Recent inclusion of world’s fastest runner Usain Bolt (for some time) as character for very nominal charges made this app become viral.Temple Run android app


The sequel and successor to the most played game Temple Run1, temple run 2 has now come up with improved graphics as well as brand new features. Like the original game, this is also based on the endless runner genre programmed, designed & developed by husband and wife team.

It has the highest downloads in the android market and Apple stores. With increasing popularity, the successor has now introduced new elements and made it tougher to run through. One large demonic skull-faced gorilla Cuchank instead of apes and monkeys are there to chase you around.

Temple Run 2

The path is no straighter but now has many twists and turns, obstacles and ledges. Running through will take the player to a new zip-line rope and a mine cart segment which confuses to take a right or a left turn as one of them leads to the dead-end. The original play had just 4 characters to play with, but this release has increased to 7 which are:

  • Guy Dangerous (default)
  • Scarlett Fox
  • Barry Bones
  • Karma Lee
  • Francisco Montoya
  • Zack Wonder
  • Montana Smith

Every character has its own special power. The player has to unlock these characters to make them currently active. To unlock them, coins are to be collected. In this version, roads tend to narrow down ahead with time to increase the difficulty level. As the player moves on, speed also increases.

To keep the excitement alive, there are daily and weekly challenges also. These key features keep the players highly addictive and increases competition.

So in case you missed it to download to your android smartphone, get it now from Google play using following link.

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