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If you love physics, Where’s my water game app is made for you. This android game app requires you to dig path for the movement of water to the Swampy’s home who lives in the sewage.

Where’s my water is a very intellectually, conceptually developed puzzle game app published by Disney Mobile. Where nowadays games come up with very common concepts and monotonic designs, where’s my water is also based on a common concept of transferring something from A to B but with a very different interface and character, Swampy.

where is my water

Swampy is an alligator who’s living in a city sewage system. His motto is to take bath with clean water but Cranky, another alligator tries to disrupt the flow of water to Swampy’s home.

It is a single player game where the player has to dig through the dirt and soil to redirect water toward an inlet that leads to Swampy’s bath tub. When Swampy is satisfied with the amount of water directed to him, the level is completed and the next level is unlocked.

The game becomes exciting and challenging with the advancement of each level and every next level requires smartly use of the brain to get the water to swampy. A limited number of levels are free.

To unlock further exciting levels, the player has to purchase the complete version of this game for a certain price. As and when stages keep getting unlocked, the difficulty level increases along with the hurdles.

Some levels contain algae that absorb water and keep growing. This prevents water from getting directed to Swampy and hence the game gets over. Other fluids also appear at times which are purple acid, red mud and green ooze.

Every fluid has its own feature to contaminate water and send the poisonous fluid instead of water to Swampy’s bath tub. Even one single drop of the fluid will contaminate water completely regardless of the amount of water available.

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