Have unlimited fun with Cut the Rope android game app

If you fond of puzzle and brainstorming games, Cut the Rope android app is a game which will keep you engaged for hours. The puzzle games aren’t just entertaining, they help with sharpening the mind too as you try to complete the levels by solving different puzzles.

Cut the rope is a casual game that is based on physics where in the player has to deliver candy to the monster named Om Nom by simply cutting the ropes with a swipe of the finger. Its genre is puzzle and is a single player game.

Cute the Rope game app

Within two years, this game has been downloaded more than 400 million times. It has a very user-friendly interface with lovely and cute graphics which makes people play it more and more.

It has a strong sense of design and visual style. Initial levels are all free of cost but to get more of this game, the user has to pay a certain amount to unlock the further stages. This game has two sequels to it:

Cut the rope: experiments

Cut the rope: time travel

Concept: Cut the Rope has a very easy concept of delivering something from point A to point B.

It was programmed using HTML5 which proved to be a great gaming platform for the same. Unique levels have been developed exclusively for internet explorer users.

It has 375+ levels to play and is available on all platforms: Android Play Store, Apple Store, Symbian, Nintendo etc. It is the fastest selling iOS game to cross 1 million downloads just 9 days after its initial release.

At every level, candy hangs by ropes and is suppose to be manipulated using floating objects like bellows and bubbles to reach Om Nom’s mouth optionally collecting stars. There are scored in the form of star ratings from 0 to 3.

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