Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji App for Android

If you are among those Android users who are eagerly waiting to download Kimoji App for Android, there is a good news. According to the Twitter page of Kimoji, Kim Kardashian west and company soon be releasing the Android version of this great app which has broken all the records soon after its release and acquired #1 position on Apple app store under paid apps.

Kimoji app
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The celebrity collected over 70 million dollar in 2014 through her previously released game app called Kim Kardashian Hollywood despite of the fact that it was released late in June 2014.

It looks like Kimoji is yet another great success as the celeb has great fan base who are downloading this app even though its not free ! You have to spend $1.99 to download Kimoji for iPhone. The app is available for iOS devices and the Android/ Windows users will have to wait for sometime.

Kimoji for Android

The app was released on 21 december and soon after its released, the crowd headed iTune to get it for their iOS devices and according to a tweet by the celebrity the app has broken iTune server.

The celebrity seemed to be pretty much active on the twitter and posted several tweets in quick time to keep the users updated with latest news.

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For those who aren’t able to understand what Kimoji app all about, its an app which after downloading on your idevice will allow you to send different emojis of Kim Kardashian using keypad.

Basically a new keypad with 250 Kim’s emoji gets installed on your phone and you can send any of them while chatting with your friends.

Apparently the Kimoji app is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and the emojis can be used with iMessage, Email client, WhatsApp and more however you could be disappointed to know that it wouldn’t work with Twitter and Instagram.

The app is restricted for the users who has attained 17 years of age or more because of content that can be objectionable to below 17 users.

The different 250 emojis include Kim Kardashian’s butt, Lips, Crying Face, Shoes etc. Even though the app has become #1 paid app on Apple app store, the rating couldn’t cross 2.5 points. May be its too early to consider rating at the moment.

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I read a few reviews at iTune where the users complained about the emojis not being emojis actually, they rather appear like a picture.

According to one review posted by the users which says that he has to copy emoji and paste and the emoji appears like a picture not as emoji. Also the emojis are quite big that occupy space on the screen.

I hope the developers take users reviews into consideration and could update the app accordingly. Apart from that, I read lots of good reviews about this app as well where users said its worth buying it !

So What are you waiting for ? go grab it now !