Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, specs, price and news

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date

When it comes to smartphones the very first choice that comes in mind is Samsung Galaxy Note series phablet. Until Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t released, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was ruling the market and now when it has been released, the sales figures are going up every week. Since people always like to have new products, there has not been much time since Galaxy Note 3 released, people have started talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date.

This high end device is expected to be released in Aug/Sep 2014 with robust hardware system and excitingly new feature to compete the rivals, infact to out sale them with big

If we look at the cycle that Samsung has been following for Note series phones, the very first generation Galaxy Note was launched in Aug/Sep 2011 and just after its released, the sales figures raised up abruptly. The Galaxy Note 2 which registered record sales in a very small time was released after one year in Sep 2012 with better features and design and now we have Note 3 released in same month this year.


The techie followed the same release cycle for Galaxy Note 3 and it became available for public in  the same month this year. Its been just 2 months and the rumors about Galaxy Note 4 release date, its specification and price are rolling all over the tech blogs. According to the speculations, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will sport 0cto-core processor along with Exynos chipset.

Apart from it, there is not much info available about any other hardware except camera. Galaxy Note 4 is going to have atleast 20 megapixel camera just to compete with the rivals. Unless any company includes some extra ordinary features in any of their device, it doesn’t become popular and to follow the same mantra, it is believed that Note 4 camera will have Optical Image Stablization technology to click high quality photographs in dark.


There is no clue about the price however for this high end device, any price between $700-900 would be ideal but again it depend on the country it is being sold in. We have seen that Galaxy S4 was released with two different processors in different countries.

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