Stay in touch with your friend using Skype – A great instant messaging android app

Are you running short of balance because of utilisation of minutes for sending messages, making calls or sharing photos/videos with your friends? don’t worry, there is a solution of this problem. Skype is a one great instant messaging app which will allow you to send unlimited SMS, make unlimited audio/video calls, share photos, videos with your friends without incurring any additional charges.

This can be done only if the other party is also using the same app however one can also make calls to the mobile phone/landline phone through Skype at very low cost.Skype for Android

Skype tops the chart among all instant messaging apps with the highest no. of downloads till date and the no. is growing day by day with very fast speed. This free instant messaging app besides being available for the desktop computer is available for the smartphones, tablets etc.

With a huge download counts of 250 millions, Skype is far away from rivals like WhatsApp, LINE,  WeChat, Viber etc. Skype unlike other rivals is having very clear voice quality.

Have you got pictures to share with your friends? have you recorded your own video and want to let other watch it? you can do with the ease through Skype without utilising minutes of your mobile phone. Skype uses phone data plan or Wi-Fi connection to operate, so it is recommended that you have unlimited data/Wi-Fi plan.

Some of the great features to highlight are:

  • Make unlimited Audio/Video calls with your friends without charges (Data charges is applicable)
  • Take snap or record videos and share with your friend without fear of not being able to send due to large size
  • Chat unlimited with your friends with no charges. It is available for PC, Tablets, Smartphones, Mac and even TV.
  • Make Skype to landline/mobile call at minimum call rates.


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