Download Subway Surfers for PC (Win 10/ 8/8.1/ 7/ Vista/ XP)

Well who doesn’t know how entertaining Subway surfers android game app is. This endless running game have thousands of hits at Google play and iTune, It shows how much people love this game app. Subway surfers will keep you engaged for hours and I afraid if once played, you will get into habit of playing it often.

With fantastic graphics, sound effects and obstacles that create problem to Jack to escape from grumpy inspector and his dog makes Subway surfers quite entertaining. While Jack has to escape from the grumpy inspector, dodging trains and collecting coins is one of his priority.

Subway Surfer for PC

According to the sources, more than 90% of android devices have Subway surfers game app installed and this proves the popularity of this game app around the world. This creation of Kiloo games is available for Android and iOS only and this could have been a disappointment for others (Windows users) if there was no way at all.

Today in this post, I will show how to download Subway Surfers for PC and play it. By the end of this post, the reader will have this amazing game app running on his PC.

To start with, I would like to tell that every android app if requires to run on windows needs emulator. So first we need to find suitable emulator which will help with running android app on the PC.

We have hundreds of them but the most recommended emulators are Bluestacks and Youwave. I use Bluestacks because I never faced any issue however some of my friends pointed out that Bluestacks gives error while installing. So in case bluestacks doesn’t work for anyone, try You wave.

Steps in installing Subway Surfers for PC.

Step 1: Go to Bluestacks and download it.

Step 2: Install Bluestacks by following the instructions appear on the screen.

Step 3: Now, one can either find APK file of Subway Surfers from Google search or he/she can use bluestack to find it. If you got APK file downloaded from Google, open it with Bluestack and install the app following instructions. If you do not have APK file, double click bluestacks icon from the desktop and go to “myapp”, write “Subway Surfer” in the search box, several results will come up. Install the appropriate app.

Step 4: Once the app is installed, you may now start enjoying it. That’s all

This doesn’t require much of technical knowledge as these are the basic steps yet in case anyone faces any problem, he/she may contact me through comment section.

The developers of the game keeps on updating this gaming app adding new features that add more fun to the same and makes it more entertaining. You always need to to keep this game app updated so that you don’t miss the fun.

Subway surfer is a kind of game that can keep you engaged for hours without getting you bored. This endless running game had gained immense popularity around the world in such small time after its launch and still its one of the most downloaded gaming app on all app stores.