Subway Surfers – the best android game app

I am very much addicted to Android game apps. There are a few game apps which I like very much and Subway Surfer is one of those android game apps. This typically is an extreme sport game app where riders surf of climb outside moving trains.

Subway Surfers android app is also an endless running game app which is the main crux of successful games nowadays. This app was developed by Kiloo and SYBO games and published and developed by Kiloo.

Subway surfers when launched started with a world tour series covering New York, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Beijing, Paris, Moscow and Rio de Janerio. However, every month the game’s update features new cities.



it is a single player game running on android and iOS devices. The characters in this game are all rowdy teens and pre-teens who surf through various metro stations in opposite directions of running trains. They are supposed to stay one step ahead of the railroad security inspector and his dog.

On their way, they have to keep collecting coins throughout and cross the randomly generated hurdles without dodging into them which in turn ends the game.

Upon completion of special missions, the player is rewarded with bonuses. Coins and bonuses can be redeemed for new characters or for various attributes associated with the characters like hats, boom box etc.

Subway Surfers has very interesting characters for every city and extras too. The names are very interesting ones since they clearly depict them as rowdy and hooligans. Hip hop girls are also included. The names go like:

  • Jake (default)
  • Tricky
  • Fresh
  • Spike
  • Frank
  • Frizzy
  • King
  • Lucy
  • Ninja
  • Tagpot
  • Tasha
  • Zoe
  • Brody
  • Prince K
  • Yutani

The game became very much famous just after release of its launch. Till now it has several thousand downloads from Google play.

So if you are fond of arcade and action games, get Subway Surfer game app right now on your android smartphone. You can get this app from Google play following below link.

Get Subway Surfer from Google Play