Talking Tom Cat – a funny android game app

It is very interesting to hear our pets or any other animal try to imitate and repeat our words which is practically not possible.

Talking Tom Cat is a free android game app which has an animated Cat that repeats every word that you speak and consists of various features that you can play with.

You can directly speak something near Talking Tom Cat while he listens to you very carefully and you can hear him how he repeats your words in his voice.

He can even feel and responds to your hits and tickles on screen. When he is left ideal you can watch him yawn as if he’s very tired after a long play.

A constant hit on the screen causes Tom Cat to feel slaps on his face and ultimately lands up falling on the floor. There is a feature whereby you can offer Tom Cat some milk to drink which he instantly accepts and finishes it off.

There is even an option which enables him to scratch the screen with his long sharp nails creating a very squeaky sound. You can play with his head, belly and feet.

Talking tom Cat android app

When you try to play with his tail, he immediately stops u from doing so by moving away his tail and showing his angry face and responding.

There are a few more features to this app which need to be purchased.  This app is allows you a video recording too. This funny app is most suitable for kids who will enjoy this app with laughter and giggles.

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