Temple Run android game App

The most fun game of all times to keep people of all age groups busy all day through, Temple Run was designed, produced and programmed by a husband-wife team and developed by Imangi studios.

Its genre is based on “endless running” and motto is “take the idol if you dare”. It is a single player game which begins with a man running and escaping from a bunch of apes and monkeys. He can run and turn left, right, jump up and slide below to cross all hurdles.


The excitement of this game lies in the endless running itself. No second chance is given. Once fallen off a cliff or dashed towards a tree or anything, the game ends there itself and resets itself.

To play it once again, the player has to start from the beginning. During the run, the player collects various types of coins to boost up points and energy.

To keep the anxiety alive, this game offers the players power-ups which can be upgraded with the help of coins. The power-ups include:

  • Increase mega coin
  • Coin magnet
  • Invisibility
  • Power boost
  • Coin doublers

Coins will also help in using the utilities like resurrecting after death, permanently, boosting ahead 1000m and mega boosting ahead 2500m.

Grabbing such benefits, one has to play the game continuously and collect coins for the same. Since running all the time could prove to be boring, the developers have included many objectives to keep the enthusiasm alive. Completing them would reward the user with coins.

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