Turn your smartphone into touch with Tiny Flash Light + LED android app

Tiny Flash Light + LED

Today when smartphone solves mutiple purposes for different individual, the creator of android app making it even useful for people. Apart from just making/ receiving calls, send/receive SMS, browse internet or watch video, one can use its smartphone as appliance, for example as a torch.

Tiny Flash Light +LED is an android app which can turn your smartphone into torch. This app is one of the easiest useable Flash Light amongst the other Light apps. This app uses LED of the camera in your device and also the screen light.

Tiny Flash Light LED

This is a very useful app in case of an unexpected power cut offs. This app presents its users with distinct types of lights to choose from. There are various light effects such as:

Torch Light: This feature enables the camera LED to turn on which works as a normal torch that is used.

Screen Light: This component of the app turns on the light of the screen until the power off option is tapped.

Strobe Light: The LED lights keep blinking on and off here. Pace or speed of these blinks can be adjusted as required.

Traffic Signal: This feature shows warning lights of Traffic Signals.

Bulb: The bulb is a very colourful feature in which a bulb appears on the screen and with the option of different colours. By swiping left or right, colours of the bulb can be changed and by sliding up and down on the screen, brightness of the bulb is adjusted.

Colour Lights: Screen light with different colours option is used in this feature. Colours can be changed but swiping left or right on the screen.

Police Lights: These consist of two coloured lights i.e. red and blue which blink randomly to signify the presence of a police van.

This app can also be set as a widget in order to on and off the lights from the home screen directly.



If you are looking to download this amazing app for your android smartphone, follow below link.

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