Unlimited fun with 100 Floors World Tour

100 Floors World Tour is an updated version or rather a sequel of 100 Floors. This gaming app is developed by Tobi Apps Limited. It has now been introduced in different languages and is at its latest compatible with IOS7.

As the name suggests, this revolves around puzzles to be cleared in countries around the world. Its recent update has been on 25th September 2013.100 floors world

This free game app revolves around four countries namely U.S.A, U.K, Egypt and Japan. Each country is completed by unlocking the given doors in every country.

A player can unlock a door by tilting, shaking, tapping, swiping, dragging on the hints shown on screen in order to use that hint break hit open the door.

There is a master key that a player is allowed to use in order to instantly resolve a level. But only 2 keys are available for each country.  In some stages, there are hidden tools which the player finds and uses that to open the door.

This game has proved to be an actual brain twister since it really gets quiet complicated at times.

You can even connect to Facebook and Twitter friends and if in any case the player gets stuck at a level, help can be taken from a friend to unlock the stage.

As you proceed further, the stages become much more typical. This app has beautiful pictorial representations of sceneries and places which makes the game more attractive to play. Reviews received by the users have been positive over time.

The game developers keep updating this game with new floors which get tougher as you move higher in stages. First few rooms could be easy to clear but as you move ahead, it starts to become difficult and that’s when the actual fun begins. You need to apply your mind and solve various puzzle that will unlock the room.