www.Gmail.com- How to Sign up or Sign in

There is plenty of free email service provider but the first company that comes to mind when we talk about free email, its www.gmail.com!

There are several reasons why Gmail.com is the most preferred choice of most people who are willing to have a free email account.

One of the most important reasons is, Gmail.com is owned by Google Inc which is one of the most successful and technologically advanced companies in the world.

The email service offered by Gmail is the most secure and reliable in the world.

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Prior to Gmail entered into providing free email service to the people, there were two major players in the world; Yahoo & Hotmail.com.

AOL was also famous in America at the time. Today Gmail.com has gained popularity and almost everyone has an email account with Gmail.com even though they are using other service providers.

The email service and the addon services being offered by Gmail helps users in different ways.

For example, Google Webmaster tool, Google Analytics, Google Plus, Gdrive, etc help people to serve different purposes.www.gmail.com login

In today’s article, I will be discussing simple steps to register a free email account with Gmail.com, or in case you already have an account, I will give you a direct link to Gmail.com sign-in page where after entering your username and password, you can quickly login to your account.

Google keeps on updating Gmail.com with the addition of various features to provide users with a better experience.

For example, if you are willing to big files via email, the other e-mail service providers allow a maximum of 5 MB of attachment however with Gmail, you can easily send files up to 25 GB.

Google understands the need for sending big files via email and introduced an innovative way to attach big files via drive.

Apart from this, the users can arrange the email in different styles (cozy, comfortable, compact), select different themes of their choice, use better email compose to write an email.

Moreover, with Gmail.com sign-up, the users are given 15 GB of cloud storage which they can use to store different files to access them from any part of the world.

The other interesting thing about Gmail.com is security! whenever you log in to your account from a different PC/Laptop other than yours, it checks whether the email is being accessed by you.

It also automatically filter SPAM emails which look suspicious and throw them in a separate folder.

Gmail features at a glance

  • Gmail is a free email service provider
  • It is the most reliable Email service provider backup up by the world’s biggest tech company Google.
  • Faster, easy to use user interface.
  • Integrated Google Hangout – An instant messaging tool
  • Get free POP and IMAP
  • 25 GB Google drive storage.
  • Auto Email filtration
  • Integrated Google Plus Social Profile
  • The most secured and hack-proof Email account service
  • 15 GB is free of storage.
  • Easy to configure with an Email client like outlook.
  • Most effective against SPAM emails.
  • Tabbed inbox.
  • Availability of mobile apps for all platforms.

Gmail.com Sign up

Registering or Signing up for an account with Gmail.com is the simplest task, follow the below instruction!

1 – Open browser, writer www.gmail.com and hit enter or Click Here.

2- Click Create an account. Fill in the First and Last name and the desired ID.

3 – Enter the rest of the information which is pretty basic.

4 – Enter the phone number, it will help you recover your password or email if you lost it.

5 – Enter the captcha and hit the Next button. If you see the inbox, you have done registering an account with Gmail.com.

Gmail sign up

Note down username and password in a diary so that you don’t forget it ever and never disclose it to anyone !.

Check out this video to know more about Gmail’s new inbox. This video from Google explains the features of a new Gmail inbox very nicely. Watch it:

Gmail.com Log in or Sign In

if you already have an account with Gmail.com, you can log in to your account by clicking the below button.

Once you press this button, you will be taken to the Gmail login form where you will have to enter your username and password.

After successful login, you can start sending emails to whomsoever you want.

Gmail.com Sign in

Gmail.com App

Gmail account can be accessed on a mobile phone as well with the help of the Gmail App. The Gmail app is available for all the platforms that include Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.

You can go to respect the app store to download the Gmail app and configure it for your Gmail account. Take a look at the below video from Google explaining the Gmail app.